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to "go really fast". the Champion Series:
This top racing series includes the World Cup and Olympic winning Nanosonic 3x3 Skate and the new revolutioning Nanosonic C3 Classic!

to "go fast". the Race Series:
These classic and skating skis have excellent high-performance features like high tech Polycell foam cores, pre-cambered light wood cores and P-Tex 2000 sintered stoneground bases. Even if you never race, these skiis are a thrill to use.

to "go far". the Adventouring Series
Adventouring is at the heart of the cross country sport! Madshus Adventouring skis are designed with two key principles: versatility and ease! Madshus Adventouring skis perform just as well on the tracks as they do off-track, and utilize technology from both racing and backcountry, to make skiing easier and more enjoyable for every skier.

to "rough it". the Backcountry Series:
If you like exploring off the groomed trails, Madshus Backcountry skis are the ski you need Madshus Backcountry skis feature extra width , more sidecut, additional strength and a full-length or 3/4 long steel edge for extra control in hard and icy snow conditions.

to "play and learn". the Junior Series:
Madshus emphasizes the same quality in producing our junior skis as for our adult skis. The junior skis are ideal for learning and improving at skiing in a wide variety of conditions. All Madshus junior skis have sidecut for easy turning and stability both going down and up.

to "have fun".Kids skis:
It is never too early to start kids on a lifetime of ski fun. We carry skis and boots for the little ones starting as small as three feet tall.
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